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I had a whole garage to turn into a mother in law suit. I was extremely overwhelmed with the work my husband and I had ahead of us not to mention we don’t have any skills when it come to construction.

We wised up and decided to call around to different construction companies to get a roundabout on how much everything would cost to have someone experienced do it the right way.

Blair Restoration showed up on time (and that’s way more than I can say about the other people who did not even call me back) and gave up the best bid at top of that.

Blair Restoration helped us lay out the floor plan where it gave us the adequate space we wanted. They did all the framing, drywall, paint, flooring, tile in shower and even set the counters for both the bathroom and kitchen.

I would recommend Blair Restoration to anyone looking to remodel their home. They are great!

Kindra Walker – Homeowner