Kitchen IslandsKitchens are quickly becoming the focal point in every house, the place where the family congregates, where guests are brought, where most of the time is spent. Kitchen islands are more and more acting as the focal point of every kitchen. There are exciting things trending in kitchen islands right now, and here are some of them that we really like here at Blair Restoration.

Kitchen islands as seating space- Because kitchens, family rooms and dining rooms are all becoming one big unified space, with open floor plans being the most desired home layout, it becomes very practical to make kitchen islands that add extra seating space. Whether it be a few bar stools on one side, or chairs all around the island, it’s a great way to add function to your kitchen.

Kitchen islands as extra work space- Some kitchen islands add an extra sink, adding an extra preparation area or making it easier for multiple people to do dishes at once! You can have a built in cutting board on the surface of your kitchen island, allowing for ease in cutting and clean up.

Kitchen islands as a design element- The sky is the limit when it comes to kitchen islands and the design factor they can contribute to a kitchen. The size and shape are dependent on the space you have afforded the kitchen island, but pretty much anything else is possible in the realm of material used, aesthetic achieved (modern, traditional, country cottage, etc.), colors incorporated, etc. Just look up kitchen islands on Pinterest or follow this link for some awesome ideas.

Whatever you envision using your kitchen island for or however you envision it looking, at Blair Restoration, we’re here to bring that vision to life. Come visit us for a kitchen island that’s sure to make you proud for years to come.