Foreclosure CleanupBuying a foreclosed home can seem like a great deal, but it is also likely to come with a few problems. A Foreclosed property may have been owned by someone who was bitter about losing their home, and so they damaged the home as a way to “get back” at the bank or future buyer. Many times the previous owner will abandon the home, leaving a lot of their belongings and garbage behind. This is where foreclosure cleanup comes in.

Foreclosure cleanup is just what the name states; it is cleaning up a foreclosed home. It is not the regular cleanup that a maid service can do, though. There could be biohazards like mold and sewage present in the home, not to mention the previous occupants’ property. This can be a daunting and odious task for buyers, so there are businesses that offer foreclosure cleanup services, such as Blair Restoration.

When buying foreclosed homes, it can be hard to find a lender if the home is not considered being in livable condition. It is almost inevitable to find a foreclosed home that needs repairs, so using services such as foreclosure cleanup will help the home be in a more proper condition for lending options.

If you are planning on buying a foreclosed home in or around the Bartow, Florida area, our team at Blair Restoration would love to help you out with any repairs or cleaning that is needed. We understand the importance of quality services and affordable prices, and we know we can help you. We are located in Bartow, Florida, and our service area includes Polk County, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, and Sebring.